What Does Attest Mean in a Contract

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When you`re reading through a contract, it`s essential to understand every single word to ensure you agree to what you are signing. One such word that can appear in a contract is “attest.” So, what does attest mean in a contract?

Attest means to certify or declare that something is true or genuine. When a person attests to a contract, they are confirming that they have reviewed it and are signing it with the knowledge that all the provisions are true, accurate, and legally binding.

In some cases, the attestation is not just a signature but a separate document that confirms the authenticity of the contents of the contract. This document is often called the “attestation clause” and can be used to prove that everyone involved was aware of the contract`s details and agreed to them.

Attestation clauses are vital in some types of contracts such as real estate transactions, where the transaction is not complete until all parties have signed and attested to the agreement. They are also common in corporate agreements where directors and shareholders must attest to the decisions made at a meeting.

It`s important to note that attestation is not the same as notarization. A notary public does not review the contents of a contract but only verifies the identity of the signatories. On the other hand, an attester is responsible for confirming the authenticity of the contract`s content.

In conclusion, when you come across the word “attest” in a contract, it means that you are certifying that the document is accurate and legally binding. It`s important to read and understand all the terms of the contract before attesting to it to ensure that you`re fully aware of what you`re signing.

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