The Music Streaming Specialists

Entertainment Technologies provide a selection of services, these include:

  • Online Radio Streaming Server
  • Generic popular In-Restaurant / Hotel Music Streams
  • Bespoke Music / Radio Channels for businesses & venues

Our team have years of experience in the media, broadcast & events industries.
We can provide entertainment solutions tailored to your customers which make you sound good!

Music Streams


Restaurant Radio Original plays a mixture of ballads, lounge, chilled & popular music. Suitable for all age groups and features music from the charts, right back to the classics. “Original” is our most popular music service.


Restaurant Radio Classic plays a selection of Classical Hits. Classical Music which you should be familiar with (not the death march) just uplifting classical tunes which sound familiar.


Restaurant Radio Lounge plays non-stop well known & popular tunes performed and recorded in a Lounge style. Incredibly popular during the evening in many of our venues.


Rastaurant Radio Seasonal is a bit of a chameleon. We offer a stream at certain times of the year customised to events, dates & seasons. Christmas for example, we turn the stream into ‘Radio Santa’.


Restaurant Radio is music to our ears. We are utilising the streams in 2 of our hotels which has enabled us to stop worrying about the music… the music offered is diverse & eclectic and popular with our guests. A no brainer…

James Barker, Manor of Groves & Shendish Manor

For the past 3 months we’ve started using Restaurant Radio in our function rooms and bar during events. I’ve personally heard a lot more songs which I enjoy and we hear positive feedback about the music. Best of all, it’s automatic and I don’t have to think about it…

Tracy Miller, Bushey Sports Club

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